Ten books on Amazon • October 2022


Amazon books

Exquisite books on Amazon, selected by Nokbew™. These books need more attention.


Hello Amazon author. Would you like to see your book in this list? Just send me the link to Amazon here via e-mail.

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The Elastic Snapped (English Edition)


Telling Sonny: A novel (English Edition)


Creative Kiwis, an Amazing Journey (English Edition) Kindle Edition


Journey into Disaster (English Edition)


I need a coffee ☕


Soul’s Despair: A Supernatural Thriller: Inspector Danish Dev Files (English Edition)


Outfox: The new twisty, sexy, crime novel from New York Times bestselling author (English Edition)


Who’s Lying Now?: The most thought-provoking emotional novel of 2022 from bestselling author Susan Lewis (English Edition)


House of Spies: A Novel (Gabriel Allon Book 17) (English Edition)


Haunted River: A Murder Mystery Suspense Thriller (Detectives Daniels and Remalla Book 1) (English Edition)

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