When my erudite doctor and my scrumptious Shirley both insist I should take a break from compulsive computers, endurance saunters and over thinking, I have to listen. Instead of routine I have more pills to swallow than there are pebbles on the harbour beach. So close to finishing my new tome entitled, ‘The Outrageous Miss April Fool’ I’m a tad miffed. Such is life. Whatever, I’ll be off the WP menu for a couple of weeks or so. That said, I shall live in hope of returning a carefree nutter and as fit as a butcher’s dog.

For the record, the picture above is of the lovely ‘Miss April Fool’, a gal who takes no prisoners. I’m rather fond of her.

All the very best to everyone. Take care; see you soon, Mike aka The Old Fool


23 thoughts on “STRANGE TIMES

  1. Make yourself fit, my dear old chap. I would love to get your “Miss April Fool” soon. Take care and think a bit of another worrying restless fool here in Germany.

    1. Thanks, Liz. I’ve now doubled up on illnesses. Do I deserve a medal? Probably not. Anyway, ‘yes’ George has done me proud with this cover. He’s been designing his own portrait on his blog of late. Thanks again, Mike

    1. My thanks, Sir. There’s not much George can’t put together when it comes to realizing things artistic. Me? Nearly 3 years with stress related IBS, now as an ‘added bonus’…not…I get something else best described as ‘not desired’…something else I have to try to live with. Regards, Mike

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