15 months after I put pen to ink and at last the new book, ‘The Outrageous Miss April Fool’ is born.

On the way it didn’t help that Rosie the gypsy dog ‘bitch’…sometimes worthy of that non-canine definition…decided to ‘bark’ many a long hour. Oh, how I wish I could speak the ‘bark’ language. I’d ask her why the hell she’s so very bossy. Still we love her dearly, she has character. On top of that, a couple of irksome, forever illnesses slowed me down. Then there was an abundance of historical and social research…that was hard work. Such is life.

Anyhow, here ‘tis; the new book at last. For the record, Miss April Fool was based upon my real life lady, Shirley. In many respects they are one and the same. They are both bonkers…in a good way, I stress. I once wrote of Shirl, ‘…My Celtic lady is out of step with the rest, captivatingly mad, yet with no comprehension that this is so. She has emboldened me. I think I am her rock’ and that also sums up Miss April and her lover as well. April herself can be rather rude in all its untamed definitions. Put simply, she can’t help herself when it comes to controlling her constant high spirits.

Amongst many get-up-and-go facets this tome relies upon its romantic happenings, and, as I’ve made mention of on the back cover;

A risqué romance betwixt an English gentleman
and an untamed provocative mademoiselle.
A mystery born of an evil beast, to unravel.
The abuse of eternal time and life as we know it,
and a little time-traveling along the way.
How will it all end?

Should it be of interest, this book is available in the UK and way beyond these shores via AMAZON. It’s for free on KINDLE UNLIMITED, alternatively just £2.59 on regular KINDLE or, if the PAPERBACK takes your fancy, a mere, £7.99 or equivalent outside of the UK. You can access the UK link to the book by clicking the picture below. Outside the UK simply link up with your appropriate Amazon. All the best, Mike

Copyright © 2023. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, and lending, prohibited.



    1. Thanks John. I agree with you when you say ‘cash’. I am the same. I have the credit/debit cards yet rarely use the bloody things. All the best. Regards, Mike

      1. I quit using credit cards five years ago Mike. In six months. No debt except house and utilities. My grandfather told me often. Can’t pay cash, you don’t need it.

      2. My youngest son never carries cash. Ever. I recall his exams at school. To me, back in the day, as a kid, coins ment you had to have an idea of the makings of maths or lose you money. As clever as my lad is, he is from a generation of useless mathematicians, as are his chums. Bollocks to the cards, say I. My son had a 1st class degree at uni but can hardly mess around with numbers. It’s a strange world we live in.

  1. Congratulations. Might just pick up a copy in London in a couple of weeks when I am passing through up North to visit my memorialised friend Robin Hood. Reckon it’ll be a good read while trying out the British rail 🙂

  2. Amazing! Congratulations TOF!
    It sounds like another of your masterpieces.
    I’d like to read it one day!
    Take care! (The cover is great!!)

    1. May I send you the book, young Resa? The only issue I have is that, following the ‘on and off’ strikes within our post system means it presently takes months to deliver abroad…as swell as UK to UK, as it happens. I sent a copy of my ‘me and my mum’ book to a chap in the States in early January and I’m now told it likely will not turn up until May or June…if I’m lucky! Also, I’ve been advised that much gets lost along the way. What’s happened to this world? Anyway, I’d like to send you one. All the best, TOF

    1. Well LuAnne, if you’re in the UK in Spring then that’s the best time…if the weather is on your side. Regardless, I hope whenever your arrive here, all is good. These days Shirl and I live down in the South East in Dover, Kent, but we’ve lived all over the place in the past. As to the book, if you are from the USA it’s available on, along with Kindle, but that applies to all Amazon’s across the globe. The easiest way is the buy direct. Whatever, that’s very kind you’ve contemplated the book. I’ll have to let ‘The Outrageous Miss April Fool’ know! I should add, April is unquestionably, ‘outrageous’! All the best on your travels, Mike

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