outside the garret window 
a carnival in full flow
pretty maids street dancing
each one with a handsome beau
yet here, in here there is no revelry
just a distant pulsating beat
some cheering and much laughter
rising up from those with the world at their feet
we are monochrome marionettes you know
without a puppet master
over familiarity has led us
to court with this disaster
independent souls they say
a metaphor for selfish?
both sat here silent in the shadows
knowing the pair of us share the same wish
that one of us first apologise
for the words that were left unsaid
that the ‘last word’ be a worthy one
to take with us off to our bed
and as ever we resolve
to cease from this hushed quarrel
now the matter, as ever is sorted
with a kiss that promises ‘immoral’
deeds we will act out this night
and thus ice all that we have bruised
we are the two pig-headed lovers
both of us short fused
a mix of pure love and the X-rated
is the best cure that we know
to rekindle a thing too good to lose
born again in love’s after glow

Below, my new book in paperback available direct from Amazon, or on regular Kindle as well as Kindle Unlimited. All the best to one and all, whomsoever and where on this globe you may be.

Copyright © 2023. All rights reserved save for Cohen’s music and the featured image artwork, the artist unknown. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, and lending, prohibited

40 thoughts on “TWO PIG-HEADED LOVERS

    1. Thanks, Liz. I was just telling another blogger that I based this piece on the miraculous rows Shirl and I have had over the years. It’s got to the point we like them…no low spirits thereafter. We just have a laugh, East End style! Regards, Mike

      1. I think our very first battle many years gone was the one that kept us both together. We ended up laughing not long after criticising one another. Eventually Shirl called me a rather rude name she’d invented, but instead of continuing the battle I burst into said laughter; then she saw the funny side and ever since all has been well.

    1. My thanks, young Ms S. There’s nothing quite like a wedded battle that, when done with, is something to laugh about…Shirl and I know that well. Once over, it gets stored in the memories with all the other silly stories to tell others over the glass or two or…. All the best, Mike

  1. Excellent piece, Mike.
    ‘independent souls they say
    a metaphor for selfish?’ is a standout phrase for me. And one never needs an excuse to slip in a bit of Cohen.

    1. Cheers Sir. I based this piece on the miraculous rows Shirl and I have had over the years. It’s got to the point we like them…no low spirits thereafter. We just have a laugh, East End style! Cohen is the gem, for sure. Regards, Mike

    1. GB is a wet and windy lump of an island. I live there, yet have lost the love of the country these days. That said, I imagine DE is better than that. All the best, Mike

      1. No, my friend. We have a real stupid government at present with a lot of unsolved problems. But I hear from others from the island same like you. Thanks care.

  2. Kind words, young Resa. Thank you. As to ‘well’ I’m becoming a doctor’s pills collector. The various colours are almost interesting. Then again, young Rosie the bonkers dog is much more interesting. She is teaching me how to speak Bark language. Regards, TOF

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