I hear you shed a tear for Mussolinihow very little I knew ofthe workings of your mindon that night seed embraced egg Then lateryou, your heart in one handa cigarette in the otheryour eight monthstumescent bellya radiance I think was lost to youthough not Ilaying down the lawas only the naïve andpassionate know how You … More A TEAR FOR MUSSOLINI


Identical snowflakesA bona fide rarity?A miracle?Only the sage can sayAnd he is far awayMeasuring hailstonesBermuda she recalls Yet hereIn the frozen landsNorth of nowhereShe is compelledTo tell ofTo showTo someoneTo anyoneHer immaculateInconceivable find Fail in thisThen it never happenedNo one will believe herEverSave perhaps the sageAfter all he isA philosopherMore soIn his spare timeWhen in … More THE DAY A TRUTH DIED


BEFORE THE GAME OF HUMAN LIFE;An ‘undress me if you dare’frock of early morn’s visionlessmist spares the moorland her blushesNot that the Sun God gives a damnfor he has no regard for modestyno scruples and will unveil her in his own timeonly then she will be unmasked in all her glory AFTER, WHEN IT WAS … More MS EARTH & DR TIME


Waking up to a thumping headache, a headache born of far too much of last evening’s scarlet Bordeaux, a bleary eyed cursory morning glance toward the bedside table only to spot what I thought had been the stuff of dissolving dreams, namely a post-it note I’d scribbled upon that read, ‘Miss Rosie Mayday Lily Eve … More ROSIE


He mouths his solo of undoingthe venue a derelict warehousedue south of Old Father Thamesto an accompanying throb ofaimless raindrops succumbingto relentless gravity viafractured aperture’s leaky roof His gallery a wonky line-up ofcouldn’t care less spidersscurrying half interested ratsvagrant rummaging sex charged pigeons Yet there was once a time when hispatriotic baritone could fill an … More MEDZ YEGHERN aka ‘GENOCIDE’


FRESH FLESH & CHILLED CHABLIS Berlin, oh my Berlinin those years between two warsyou were coarse, of course, you knew ita reprobate behind closed doors decadence’s dream unfetteredyour nightclubs lewd and crudeWeimar culture babes ‘a dancing’most times in the naughty naked nude transvestites, candelabra’ssmall dark venues, dimly litcabaret within a smoky hazesuch a perfect fit The … More FRESH FLESH & CHILLED CHABLIS