She now plants landmines where she once stationed azaleas but then spring is long past now, high sun skirmishes beseech to ignite the bonfires of autumn worse still, Jack Frost stirs rubbing his eyes, yawning rousing himself once more mischief, as ever his vexing wheeze Whatsoever that was then when the ball was still in … More A CLOAK OF TREASURES


DAZED VIOLET EYES Memories flung into a harvest time bonfire, an immaculate enforcement of shameless remorse Reconciliation is but transparent breathing space, twixt hostilities estranged lovers endorse The waning moon, her closest confidant, the ubiquitous sun her silent nemesis On a ‘seen better day’s’ hopeless mattress, she favours his sex, not his kiss The albino … More DAZED VIOLET EYES


That which ends Takes the solitary climb Upon the spiral staircase Ever upward Toward the black expanse of The noontide waters of ubiquity Always beyond the Howling gale of birth The tempest of adolescence The ruminations of love The empirical theory of lust The enfeeblement of Heart and limb The last bereavement and Defies the … More A FLAWLESS ENDOWMENT