When my erudite doctor and my scrumptious Shirley both insist I should take a break from compulsive computers, endurance saunters and over thinking, I have to listen. Instead of routine I have more pills to swallow than there are pebbles on the harbour beach. So close to finishing my new tome entitled, ‘The Outrageous Miss … More STRANGE TIMES

Fly Me To The Moon

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A friend of mine suggested I upload my guitar videos to TikTok. Today I uploaded a short jazzy guitar loop cover of ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ by Frank Sinatra to the platform. I don’t usually listen to that kind of music but its very satisfying play on the guitar. I…

Devil’s Kiss

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Today I thought I might showcase one of my tracks I previously released. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of collaborating on a song with Fifi Rong, a very talented Chinese-British vocalist, songwriter and music producer. Fifi Rong Here is the acoustic folk song I wrote that we duetted…

The Godfather

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Here is another finger-style performance on my acoustic guitar. This time a rendition of The Godfather ‘Love’ theme by Nino Rota. Took a little while to nail this in one take as it’s quite tricky to play. Rosie was much kinder to me though when recording, not one bark from her…


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Today I went out on my usual morning walk with Rosie to the ‘Redoubt; a hidden Napoleonic era fort in Dover. I was ready for a relaxing stroll around the entirety of the huge structure to make sure she was tired at lunch time and didn’t spoil my meal. About half…