That I felt the burning hurt of the sharp slap about my face confirmed my heart still pumped. Reluctant conjoined eyelids fought good reason in their quest for an equitable divorce. Then the soothing touch of a soft, lukewarm palm upon my brow set in motion a myriad of wideawake apparitions. It was the girl … More C’EST LA VIE


To the best of her knowledge Maurelle was French. At least in this dreary realm that was her chosen persona. The bilingual from birth or those unveiled for the sake of reasoning are more often than not puzzled, unsure of their pedigree. Besides, French after all is the language of love and that of those … More MAURELLE


I beg of you never ever spread my ashes in an England at sea An Albion of dogmatists preaching clownish prejudice over clemency This sullied land that would smirk as it amputates my tied identity This island of narcissistic loaded bigots and pliable pauper kin   Let the soaring ramparts of Montreuil-sur-Mere be my resting … More STATELESS ASHES


Whether she was callously evicted from the playground of sterilized delights by an inflexible matchless landowner or left of her own considered volition was an uncertain irrelevance, for now at any rate. Those apathetic, ‘rolling in it’ nobs who came to know her cared not a solitary jot as to Eve’s why’s and wherefores’.   As … More WELCOME TO THE DIVINE ‘CASINO EDEN’


  She is blithe in Fantasia now, not a care in the world. Be it of legend or of history, the word of the vanquished yields legitimate evidence, a reflection of what once was. She turned the door handle yet found it locked. Thankfully, I knew where the key was kept.  Not that that was … More CAPTIVE ASHES