The sheer edge of the disintegrating cliff that the ocean’s hectic waves, long since, had tired of would be a classic venue, or as an alternative exit from this lonely globe perhaps, albeit self-effacing, lost to this world while in deepest terminal slumber. Maybe a sneaky poisoned leg of roast spiced duck with plums? Even … More THE GIANT CHOCOLATE COIN


He mouths his solo of undoingthe venue a derelict warehousedue south of Old Father Thamesto an accompanying throb ofaimless raindrops succumbingto relentless gravity viafractured aperture’s leaky roof His gallery a wonky line-up ofcouldn’t care less spidersscurrying half interested ratsvagrant rummaging sex charged pigeons Yet there was once a time when hispatriotic baritone could fill an … More MEDZ YEGHERN aka ‘GENOCIDE’