The more entangled within her cloistered world of make-believe the more beguiled, and in no small part intellectually curious, I become.  Eve is certainly one of a kind. On the one hand her dream world, so very real to her, is outwardly impregnable. On the other, it is as if she is pointedly moving heaven … More LOST IN A WONDERLAND


The little green pills that tasted dreadfully bitter numbed her senses, invalidated her inhibitions, nullified tomorrows ‘it wasn’t me’ traumas. At least a would-be Eve in a dressing gown no longer had to cloak herself in The Devil’s thorny barbed coronet, yet abject boredom was the price she paid. Besides she liked disguises. Certainly, she … More EVE IN A DRESSING GOWN


in waking moments she often climbed Jacob’s ladder why? she knew not, cared not if the truth be told yet she could testify first hand to all who might listen that atop this puffed-up earthly domain all there was was a place barren of hidden desires and emotions a tedious realm of ‘in your face’ … More DEEPEST SLEEP


gifting small glimmer to soft-hued quarters a bleary-eyed sun has kissed goodnight a time when reckless silhouettes oust unnerved shadows and horizons are lost to goodbye’s opaque puzzle fireflies come out to play kindling ponderous fresh lover’s fragile fancy so sweet l’heure bleue of crepuscular invention your world belongs to a soothing moon sometimes daring … More RECKLESS SILHOUETTES


Once, long ago, upon a violation of a borderline and in a land of little consequence, at a time when all there was to eat was mostly last season’s dwindling stock of pickled cucumbers and red cabbage, plus sometimes, just sometimes a soupçon of stale bread, a small child either stole or rescued a mandolin. … More THE RESCUED MANDOLIN


  Come the withering seasons night-time mists in the days before fiery invention the blackness of wide open spaces conjured up bogus beliefs credible magic, stark fear and worthy legends sugared coated by the storyteller and heirs apparent the whole of history was in narrative, in those times before the wonderment of pigments and dyes … More THE STORYTELLER