DISCOVERING NANCY London, England, Midsummer 1941: Was London the dullest city in the whole of Europe? Perhaps ‘dullest’ was the wrong word? The question irked. Afterall the natives of the East End were far from ‘dull’. Intuitive, sharp-witted comics as they were they could get away with murder and, in reality, often did that very … More DISCOVERING NANCY


Under the unsympathetic, blackest vault of a grieving heaven, an agitated bulkhead creaks, butch stringers snap, robust rivets moan in metronomic rhythm and herculean girders groan as a remorseless nor’wester’s kindred waves of replete urchins torment a rickety hull, of late in unbridled panic. Little wonder a weak-kneed full moon shies away. No place for … More POOR BASTIAAN?


Cambridge had taught her the reflective ways of philosophy; likewise, covert operations had taught her to think on the hoof. It is thus that contradicting her previous well thought through ‘theory of his full-time protection’, she concludes she needs a space within which to think. Hence a little later, mid-mornings prospect of strong coffee only … More ENTICING ASYLUM


Oppressors who find themselves incapable of mastering hypnosis generally further their nefarious ambitions by way of implementing the contrived premise, ‘supremacy by way of inflicting terror upon the general populous’. Insofar as the highly-prized prisoner was concerned, he served that purpose well. In essence, he was an example and a warning to one and all. … More A PENNY WHISTLE ORCHESTRA


In times of war there is no such thing as a fashionable venue.  Fortunately, the long years of combat were at last over. Sadly, and of dire necessity in the fall of 1944 during the month-long bombardment in order to gain access to the port facilities at Antwerp, The Allies had, albeit successfully, pounded the … More A MINOR COMPLICATION


The uninvited weasel, occupying appropriated lodgings had had better days. Certainly, none worse. So much for the mouth-watering anticipation of red light potential and the sheer delight snapshots of ‘spring again’ tulips would bring to loved ones back home. Deathly quiet within four walls, yet in the street below the sissing of cyclists, the chitter-chatter … More APT REVENGE