here I have no tag of stereotype here I am unique, here I am locked-in here, within the lemon sandstone walls of a timeworn, breathless Moorish fortification I live a little, dream a lot, suffer, eat, wash and shit He was looking out through the barred window, elbows upon sill, crossed fingers supporting his chin, … More BLASÉ INDIFFERENCE


False hugs and latent promises, a precursor to love? Maybe hate? She could never decide.  Yet here, in this glorified candlelit pigpen, immune from sirens, horns and streetwise revelry, the old guard are at play. Leaning on the bar, dressed to the gaudy nines (dressed to the gaudy nines to blend in, no other reason) … More CANCELLED APPOINTMENT


Swapped her cheap crucifix for a soupçon of stardust Now both saint and sinner don’t know who to trust Yet under a raw red light a price is agreed By he who is wanting and she who’s in need Her address you can find by charting the stars Reading ragged postcards, asking in bars Perpetual … More SOFT PAWN


In the days when possessing the Seven Seas meant domination of the globe and almost all things therein and thereupon there was once an Englishman who could neither swim nor tell stern from bow, who suffered seasickness and always put his back out climbing into a hammock To those prepared to take heed of his … More TOPSY’S PUZZLEMENT


A preamble kiss and a bottle of cheap chilled something or other would, he felt sure score another notch on the bedpost of life. Regardless he would make his getaway as soon as she fell asleep Come dawns sweet tea she tutted the crabby tut of the recycled on behalf of ubiquitous snacks through time … More UBIQUITOUS SNACKS


  Their destination a place of Romanesque arches Umbrian passion revealed chorally echoes and reverb Gregorian chants ambitus monks Latin of course dubious in content? Faithful care not God and seed mystifying bunkmates ‘Condoms are cool’ a Papal foresight fancy shelved come first light    “I’ll meet you on the merry-go-round. You look forth and … More I’LL MEET YOU ON THE MERRY-GO-ROUND