My new book: ‘The Blue-Eyed Cat’ has finally been freed from her solitary confinement within the lonely prison cell that is my dark and empty skull. At last at liberty, the world is now her oyster…although all indications are that her ideal preference would be pride of place upon the shelf of a grand bookcase … More THE BLUE-EYED CAT


In perfect calligraphy the calfskin parchment almost complete The Book of Everything translated from the Ancient Greek could be read using microscope, telescope or naked eye, yet a guaranteed ‘glaze over’ for villager congregations far and wide two decades in the making since Papal Instruction at last a near reality Disaster! The tiniest drop of … More INFINITY TV


The constant theme Of all things is Positive and negative Good and bad Birth and death North and south Beginning and end All in equal measure All in a universe Of organic construction Infinite In space and time   In order to know Benevolence One must first Have seen The malicious Or vice versa One … More THEN THERE IS MAGIC