Identical snowflakesA bona fide rarity?A miracle?Only the sage can sayAnd he is far awayMeasuring hailstonesBermuda she recalls Yet hereIn the frozen landsNorth of nowhereShe is compelledTo tell ofTo showTo someoneTo anyoneHer immaculateInconceivable find Fail in thisThen it never happenedNo one will believe herEverSave perhaps the sageAfter all he isA philosopherMore soIn his spare timeWhen in … More THE DAY A TRUTH DIED


when crimson satin meets medallion augmented uniform without exchange of hard cash then you know a war is won an armistice set in stone a time for revelry wanton the survivors such is the hyper sexuality of victors coming home and those who greet disinterred heroes another time; another place before the war perhaps? crepuscular … More DECREPIT DIARIES


In abandoned captivity, within a wrought iron cage, within a cold Caen limestone walled cell, within a forgotten fortress set in the shadow of the dark side of civilization, sits an innocent occupant, determined by his sniggering contemporaries to be the guilty party, his crime, the stealing of the hearts of a divided nation. He … More THE PRISONER


To the best of her knowledge Maurelle was French. At least in this dreary realm that was her chosen persona. The bilingual from birth or those unveiled for the sake of reasoning are more often than not puzzled, unsure of their pedigree. Besides, French after all is the language of love and that of those … More MAURELLE


Legend has it that he finally fell on his own sword that the baffling tyranny of paralyzed ruminations finally did for the man who once had the whole shebang   To have known then lost the Midas touch is an accursed thing for ravenous the urge to retrace tracks; to turn back time and repair … More A FOND FAREWELL


  She is blithe in Fantasia now, not a care in the world. Be it of legend or of history, the word of the vanquished yields legitimate evidence, a reflection of what once was. She turned the door handle yet found it locked. Thankfully, I knew where the key was kept.  Not that that was … More CAPTIVE ASHES


(Seul Dans Le Collectif) Those balmy days of sluggish avalanches and an antipathy toward the swarm long gone. They abandoned him the moment she opened her mouth and spat out the word, ‘Abracadabra’. He misses her honeyed flesh, disrespectful soul and perceptive love making with an abnormal passion. As of now, every which way horizons … More ALONE IN THE COLLECTIVE