She now plants landmines where she once stationed azaleas but then spring is long past now, high sun skirmishes beseech to ignite the bonfires of autumn worse still, Jack Frost stirs rubbing his eyes, yawning rousing himself once more mischief, as ever his vexing wheeze Whatsoever that was then when the ball was still in … More A CLOAK OF TREASURES


Reveil, Boulevard de Clichy – Anders Zorn, 1899 Drunk on Pernod, lost to opium and thoroughly fatigued, gifting smoke rings to ungrateful stars, contemplating an interlude with an immodest, exiled Geisha touting for business somewhere along the Boulevard de Clichy, she found me; saved me. Slapped my wrists, gave me the evil eye, even had … More THE ENGLISHMAN


The stillborn moon, born of mother earth, sired by the sun, a blemished perfection, a gyrating mausoleum, its foundations, a lethargic magnetism. An old man winds back time, her image from long ago at his shoulder, reflects upon her charcoal lips, the echo of their days of carefree forbidden delights, all the time hearing the … More THE STILLBORN MOON


Fatalism comes as second nature To the impetuous kingfisher ‘Slim pickings today’ from The once racing, as of now Still water brook, ‘Whatever’ Just a fleeting thought before Broadening his ‘touch and go’ Exploration for sustenance elsewhere And the bird is gone in the Blink of an eye   Unpacking his belongings the Newcomer discovers … More A SHAMELESS SNAP