Long since she had set aside time for reflection. Reminders of days gone by. Important? Most likely. A habit, certainly. Regardless, instinct told her that lessons learned shaped new dawns. Contemplation invariably led her toward an unremitting trinity of memories. Of those times when she stood quizzical, gawping, mouth wide open at a single, curiously … More A NEW DAWN


The more entangled within her cloistered world of make-believe the more beguiled, and in no small part intellectually curious, I become.  Eve is certainly one of a kind. On the one hand her dream world, so very real to her, is outwardly impregnable. On the other, it is as if she is pointedly moving heaven … More LOST IN A WONDERLAND


Mousey brown with fiery red potential, she could laugh, cry and make war without pausing to draw breath. The stuff of legend when gift-wrapped, for upon just merest glimpse it is said many a red-blooded cove’s fly buttons would hit the ceiling tout de suite. Unwrapped, in the blink of an eye she could freeze … More SILVER SLIPPERS


Her limbless alcoholic slurred-speech Russian grandfather spent his overdose of spare time playing Backgammon with the novice nurses who ran the makeshift field hospital during The Siege of Sevastopol. The orphan girl, Dasha who had traded a promising career sowing up holes in the woollen socks of sailors for vinegar and strips torn from her … More A WORLD WITHOUT MIRRORS


“What’s your poison today Lenny?” “Well today landlord I shall be quaffing the drinking man’s ‘light and bitter’ namely that brew that is better known as a ‘Ram and Special.’ A 5 per cent alcohol cocktail of bottle and barrel that constitutes the master brewer’s art at its very finest.” “Right here’s your beer. By … More LENNY NOGGINS – LUNATIC ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!