Underneath the Bridge of Heartache the saintly take their shelterIn the dark tunnel of delusions white-face clowns aim to provokeThere’s a Best Ragweed Hotel made up of just cardboardWhere a ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ Madam comforts the broke On the merry-go-round favoured by ‘bruise easily’ loversThe pipe organ plays cacophonous rhapsodiesSteam powered wooden ponies all … More UPSIDE DOWN


The little green pills that tasted dreadfully bitter numbed her senses, invalidated her inhibitions, nullified tomorrows ‘it wasn’t me’ traumas. At least a would-be Eve in a dressing gown no longer had to cloak herself in The Devil’s thorny barbed coronet, yet abject boredom was the price she paid. Besides she liked disguises. Certainly, she … More EVE IN A DRESSING GOWN


As of about now I shall be away from my blog spoiling my dear wife, Shirl. I estimate that by the end of June she will likely tire of such indulgence. In the meantime, I leave you with a dose of refined lunacy and wish one and all the very best of good fortune. CUCKOO … More CUCKOO ALICE


The zest of a lemon, a sugar-coated wafer, foul odour, euphoric aroma and the emptiness of the barren void. Unstimulating insignificance, turmoil, sudden cramps, heartache for reasons unknown and pulsating vital organs. Rough textures from smooth; smooth from rough, the pleasure that gravity affords. Heedless of the nature of sex and sexuality. Two directional manipulation … More A THEATRE NAMED CEREBRUM


(regarding the legend behind female figureheads on ships) under the fraudulent cover of a soporific oh, so slender decresent moon a harem of brazenly snooping sparkling stars affording sufficient glow the small craft makes light work of glinting, inconsequential ripples carrying she of captivating looks and charming demeanour away surrendering the hustle and bustle of … More SHAMING THE STORMY SEAS