“I say Carruthers darling you know Adele don’t you?” “A ‘Del’…um…that would be a Derek by any other name wouldn’t it? Don’t think I do as it happens Deidre…I mean I know a Harry, went to school with more than one Brian and then there’s Percy the landlord at the Three Sheep & Covert Periscope…but … More THE LUNACY OF BEING


  On reflection all he ever really wanted was a big breasted red head with a proper red headed temper and fiery passion, possessing of a cut throat razor and the mind of a gutter? ‘Just my deceased luck’ to be stuck with little Miss Tedium! A new day dawned.  “Did you know if we … More MASSIVE FOREHEADS


  In his dream she was there with him a café where cigarettes were approved of, vapour camouflaged the hectic waiters stumbling, rushing yet never spilling a drop an accordion fidgeted, Jacques Brel sung a chanson, made all the big girls cry Waking up can sometimes be a let down   He favoured Russian roulette … More SUNDAY MORNING


“I say Carruthers it’s been so very long since we last did it I think I’ll need lubricant.”  “Lou Bricant! Who the ruddy hell is Lou Bricant when he’s at home and why oh why Deidre would you need him…whomsoever the bastard is…am I not your husband…am I not capable of fulfilling even your more … More DEIDRE’S LUBRICANT!


Ding-a-ling…ding-a-ling…knock knock…knock knock “Ah Miss Wrexia here for your 11AM appointment? Jolly good to see you once more. May I call you Anna?” “Of course you may.” “Then Anna it is…I do think keeping things informal helps with any treatment program. Now tell me how you have been getting along since our first session although … More ANITA SUGGESTION – THE BLUNDERING HYPNOSTIST