A long, long time ago in a land where night was always day and day always night and where the clocks ticked anti-clockwise there was once an old blind man who collected all the spare daydreams others no longer had any use for. He kept them in a stovepipe top hat bequeathed to him by … More EKTA’S MIRROR


Her limbless alcoholic slurred-speech Russian grandfather spent his overdose of spare time playing Backgammon with the novice nurses who ran the makeshift field hospital during The Siege of Sevastopol. The orphan girl, Dasha who had traded a promising career sowing up holes in the woollen socks of sailors for vinegar and strips torn from her … More A WORLD WITHOUT MIRRORS


Ticket Seller: “Can I interest you in a raffle ticket Sir…it’s for a good cause?” Random Punter 1: “No, piss off.” Ticket Seller: “Madam…a raffle ticket…only 50 pence a go and you might be a winner…there’s only one prize yet it is unique I promise.” Random Punter 2: “Sorry son charity begins at home…besides I’m … More THE MAGIC MIRROR