To live a life unceasingly confused was, he found, a hopeless affliction. That others considered him painfully shy perhaps the only bonus. Being thought of thus saved having to engage in idle chit chat with all and sundry. Long since this young impoverished artist, Jérôme by handle, had hankered after a girlfriend; a soul mate … More WALKING INTO LAMPPOSTS


Look out over there Tell me what you see   A cityscape perhaps? Maybe an ant’s nest? I am unaccustomed To these mountain tops   Take another look Look deeper this time Consider the abstract Analyse; probe What do you see now?   Ah, I’m with you now A pointillist’s canvas complete A shattered rainbow … More AFTER THE TEMPEST


There is a certain futility When ensconced in Paradise And to be consumed With wanderlust   This she knew, or thought She knew all too well Moreover And in her heart of hearts She was well aware Having read the rainbows That beyond the far horizon Lay a place of debauchery   That the chastity … More WANDERLUST


Always alive In a particle of time   The ripe and the rotten The virtuous The nefarious   The tramp sleeping rough Under railway arches The collective despair of vagrants Souls destined to roam Lost yet immortal Their tenure in time absolute The lucky ones?   As to all others Rewind Fast forward You will … More THE PARTICLE REMAINS