In the Highlands, half a mile away from Big Fat John’s hole in the wall was the land of whisky and haggis, a paradise by any other name that outshined the time-honoured ‘milk and honey’ Garden of Eden. Big Fat John’s purpose in life was to talk with the wild flowers…millions and millions of them. … More THE WILD, WILD FLOWERS OF SCOTLAND


There is a certain futility when ensconced in an idyllic, yet ever so tedious Nirvana only to be consumed with wanderlust. A contradiction? I think not. Whatever, Nirvana was not for her, this she already knew, or thought she knew, all too well. Moreover, and in her heart of hearts she was well aware, having … More SERPENT’S BOULEVARD


Above, the one-eyed girl before the accident. Artist unknown. The one-eyed girl of almost fatal disasters had spent the entire morning wondering why blokes…for the main part…prefer revolvers and rifles over the humble hand-grenade. By lunchtime, she’d given up pondering, saying to herself, “What do I know,” for the time had come for scoffing yesterday’s … More HARRY AND HIS GIRLS


The Old Fool sits on his comfy chair staring fixedly at the blue painted wall…the only wall in the house devoid of immodest art…with his eyes wide open, attired in just a manmade coal-black dressing gown that trails all the way down to his frozen feet. During his spell without an hourglass, wearing the dressing … More THE BLUE WALL


Within his tavern of imaginings, out of body looking further outwardsindulgence his shy waitress serving up a comedy of realitiesactualities that would censure his each and every manipulation Dreamlands purple anecdotes a sometimes painkiller save forwhen The Master of Suspense visits unannounced, then all isa mere twisted and spoiled incidental lecherous laundry list plot Returning to … More PARALLEL IMAGININGS