I hear you shed a tear for Mussolinihow very little I knew ofthe workings of your mindon that night seed embraced egg Then lateryou, your heart in one handa cigarette in the otheryour eight monthstumescent bellya radiance I think was lost to youthough not Ilaying down the lawas only the naïve andpassionate know how You … More A TEAR FOR MUSSOLINI


Since Dawn of Time’s first chilly mists were devoured by a greedy, rampant Orange I have been collecting the apt recollections of those poor wretched souls about to lose their minds to the unforgiving void.  By preserving such memories I ensure that upon departure at least a snippet of the mort being is not lost … More THE MEMORY COLLECTOR

STAPLE MY TONGUE TO A GATE POST – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!

Staple my tongue to a gate post, For it is my fatal flaw, My tongue you see talks instead of me, And that’s not what it’s for.   My tongue should obey my command, Not let loose on its own, My tongue should learn to be polite, And never make me groan.   We were … More STAPLE MY TONGUE TO A GATE POST – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!