He mouths his solo of undoing the venue a derelict warehouse due south of Old Father Thames to an accompanying throb of aimless raindrops succumbing to relentless gravity via fractured apertures, leaky roof   His gallery a wonky line-up of couldn’t care less spiders scurrying half interested rats vagrant rummaging sex charged pigeons   … More MEDZ YEGHERN


  On reflection all he ever really wanted was a big breasted red head with a proper red headed temper and fiery passion, possessing of a cut throat razor and the mind of a gutter? ‘Just my deceased luck’ to be stuck with little Miss Tedium! A new day dawned.  “Did you know if we … More MASSIVE FOREHEADS


  In his dream she was there with him a café where cigarettes were approved of, vapour camouflaged the hectic waiters stumbling, rushing yet never spilling a drop an accordion fidgeted, Jacques Brel sung a chanson, made all the big girls cry Waking up can sometimes be a let down   He favoured Russian roulette … More SUNDAY MORNING


“I say Carruthers it’s been so very long since we last did it I think I’ll need lubricant.”  “Lou Bricant! Who the ruddy hell is Lou Bricant when he’s at home and why oh why Deidre would you need him…whomsoever the bastard is…am I not your husband…am I not capable of fulfilling even your more … More DEIDRE’S LUBRICANT!