To the best of her knowledge Maurelle was French. At least in this dreary realm that was her chosen persona. The bilingual from birth or those unveiled for the sake of reasoning are more often than not puzzled, unsure of their pedigree. Besides, French after all is the language of love and that of those … More MAURELLE


Mousey brown with fiery red potential, she could laugh, cry and make war without pausing to draw breath. The stuff of legend when gift-wrapped, for upon just merest glimpse it is said many a red-blooded cove’s fly buttons would hit the ceiling tout de suite. Unwrapped, in the blink of an eye she could freeze … More SILVER SLIPPERS


On balance her preference would have been to take a giant step across time and follow her dream of playing the part of Ilsa Lund opposite Bogart’s Rick Blaine in the ‘oh so romantic’ Casablanca. Sadly, that was never to be. Not that it mattered that much, picking cotton on a plantation in the days … More STRANGE FRUIT


When was it? 1922? Yes, 1922, that was it, The Bahariya Oasis in the Western Desert somewhere beyond a smouldering Cairo.  Well, if the truth be told I’m not sure. I believe that was likely the year, certainly the oasis was the whereabouts.  Whatever, that hardly matters now, it was the happening that was noteworthy.  … More ONE GRAIN OF SAND


That he walked with the Gait of a syphilitic sovereign Was forgivable, a venerable Enchanter is allowed his indiscretions   ‘Evergreen’ she who had been touched By the sceptre of Dark Ages fate Never aged beyond a brace of decades ‘Peter Pan eat your heart out’ yet Sated of being insensible in body Adrift in … More CONJURE ME MY DEATH


Always alive In a particle of time   The ripe and the rotten The virtuous The nefarious   The tramp sleeping rough Under railway arches The collective despair of vagrants Souls destined to roam Lost yet immortal Their tenure in time absolute The lucky ones?   As to all others Rewind Fast forward You will … More THE PARTICLE REMAINS