I’ve been out of the WP writing game of late trading my pen for what felt like a doctor’s stove poker…if, indeed, doctors carry such things. Thankfully, all is well. If I have a humorous memory of my necessary starvation prior to, or indeed when visiting the hospital, it is that of the delightful young … More THE OLD FOOL


What with a bucket of research prior to penning this new book, along with the night and day process of writing it, it really has been a long time coming yet, at last, a rather lovely ‘Mayday’ finally gets to see the light of day. In that regard, the infamous ‘blurb’ provides a…hopefully…worthy hint of … More ‘MAYDAY’


(artwork by Ted Giffin)  A fragment from within my new book, ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’. This piece is taken from near the beginning of the tale. The picture above, by artist Ted Giffin ( captures perfectly the look of my heroine as I perceived her.  EARLY SUMMER 1952 – SUSSEX, ENGLAND She examines her defenceless giant … More EARLY SUMMER 1952 – SUSSEX, ENGLAND

SMITHEREENS – A case for ‘Maurice Collarup Investigations.’

The passage from one’s personal heaven to one’s intimate hell can be measured by, say, the swing of mood from the euphoric to the desolate.  Sometimes such transformations between these polar opposites occur within the blink of an eye.  Such alacritous metamorphosis from the positive to the negative is nearly always representative of the very … More SMITHEREENS – A case for ‘Maurice Collarup Investigations.’