Identical snowflakesA bona fide rarity?A miracle?Only the sage can sayAnd he is far awayMeasuring hailstonesBermuda she recalls Yet hereIn the frozen landsNorth of nowhereShe is compelledTo tell ofTo showTo someoneTo anyoneHer immaculateInconceivable find Fail in thisThen it never happenedNo one will believe herEverSave perhaps the sageAfter all he isA philosopherMore soIn his spare timeWhen in … More THE DAY A TRUTH DIED


the incidental ill will of clouded reasoning a most difficult thing to wholly make out forgiving explicit scorn writing off grave words yet tenderness demands a flawless benevolence   how so such an event? rosy revenge? for what? perhaps the sweetness? perhaps the glory quest? the prize of grand slam? extra points to be scored … More FLAWLESS BENEVOLENCE


beneath a narcissistic blue moon a race empty of allusive ingenuity yet, by dint of narrated tradition perhaps only the wary Babylonians could likely fathom an explanation unravel the superfluous answer solve the conundrum of life itself sadly, wise Babylonia is no more long since buried under Assyrian sands The Book of Puzzlement with them … More ASK THE CHILDREN OF WAR


nothing exists twixt reflection and blind bard Homer’s doubtful dreamland no real estate and Rolex’s Porches, lobster thermidor or beating hearts just zilch   these days he was comfortable with just ‘zilch’ ‘zilch’ free from danger non-poisonous not unlike forgetfulness afforded small comfort from the harsh reality of facing simplicities stark fact that she had … More ZILCH


It pains me so to live here in Vienna A place where I dare not say ‘Goodnight’ You see saying, ‘Goodnight Vienna’ Means the ghost of my being must take flight   Out of sight of this wondrous city Planet Earth, the universe too Into the storms of the cosmos Away from all that I … More GOODNIGHT VIENNA