Her dark veil, a time-honoured symbol of secret sin, and regardless, her private affair, as was the flaxen-haired girl’s forbidding, yet disguised scowling disposition. In one hand a cute little pink tablet that, when devoured…to be taken along with a strongly recommended swig of any and all sugary thirst-quenching beverages…ends life in an instant; in … More UNINVITED MELANCHOLY


In times of war there is no such thing as a fashionable venue.  Fortunately, the long years of combat were at last over. Sadly, and of dire necessity in the fall of 1944 during the month-long bombardment in order to gain access to the port facilities at Antwerp, The Allies had, albeit successfully, pounded the … More A MINOR COMPLICATION


the day after the day after heroic, not as yet battle weary Northumbrians and circumspect trundling, rumbling Cromwell tanks liberate a barely blemished Bayeux embroidered tapestry reflecting perhaps a more advantageous Norman fray, pristine, still intact was the day she cast aside all conceivable apprehension let weakest knees carry her to the conceivably oldest of … More TEA ROSES & A CURTSY


The uninvited weasel, occupying appropriated lodgings had had better days. Certainly, none worse. So much for the mouth-watering anticipation of red light potential and the sheer delight snapshots of ‘spring again’ tulips would bring to loved ones back home. Deathly quiet within four walls, yet in the street below the sissing of cyclists, the chitter-chatter … More APT REVENGE