Her dark veil, a time-honoured symbol of secret sin, and regardless, her private affair, as was the flaxen-haired girl’s forbidding, yet disguised scowling disposition. In one hand a cute little pink tablet that, when devoured…to be taken along with a strongly recommended swig of any and all sugary thirst-quenching beverages…ends life in an instant; in … More UNINVITED MELANCHOLY


in the wave of epic final conflict sickly tampering’s upon a jilted freshest flat Shangri-La globe an unravelling of continuation clock hands turnabout motion past landscapes of silvery ice telescopes for a crescent sun widows wanton funeral veils days of mead and dandelion carved idols and fabrications adoration of rusting spaceships fallen monuments, flaming moss … More NO MORE RAVENS


beneath a narcissistic blue moon a race empty of allusive ingenuity yet, by dint of narrated tradition perhaps only the wary Babylonians could likely fathom an explanation unravel the superfluous answer solve the conundrum of life itself sadly, wise Babylonia is no more long since buried under Assyrian sands The Book of Puzzlement with them … More ASK THE CHILDREN OF WAR


Josephine: “Ah, my ‘liteel corporal’ why ze sad face?” Napoleon: “Josie me luv, me minds gone blank – and not so much of the ‘little’ if you don’t mind, it cuts me to the very quick when you say such things.” Josephine: “’Ow so ‘as your mind gone, ‘ow you say, ‘blonk?’” Napoleon: “Well, luv … More NAPOLEON’S QUANDARY