DISCOVERING NANCY London, England, Midsummer 1941: Was London the dullest city in the whole of Europe? Perhaps ‘dullest’ was the wrong word? The question irked. Afterall the natives of the East End were far from ‘dull’. Intuitive, sharp-witted comics as they were they could get away with murder and, in reality, often did that very … More DISCOVERING NANCY


My new book: ‘The Blue-Eyed Cat’ has finally been freed from her solitary confinement within the lonely prison cell that is my dark and empty skull. At last at liberty, the world is now her oyster…although all indications are that her ideal preference would be pride of place upon the shelf of a grand bookcase … More THE BLUE-EYED CAT


That I felt the burning hurt of the sharp slap about my face confirmed my heart still pumped. Reluctant conjoined eyelids fought good reason in their quest for an equitable divorce. Then the soothing touch of a soft, lukewarm palm upon my brow set in motion a myriad of wideawake apparitions. It was the girl … More C’EST LA VIE


(artwork by Ted Giffin)  A fragment from within my new book, ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’. This piece is taken from near the beginning of the tale. The picture above, by artist Ted Giffin ( captures perfectly the look of my heroine as I perceived her.  EARLY SUMMER 1952 – SUSSEX, ENGLAND She examines her defenceless giant … More EARLY SUMMER 1952 – SUSSEX, ENGLAND


  She is blithe in Fantasia now, not a care in the world. Be it of legend or of history, the word of the vanquished yields legitimate evidence, a reflection of what once was. She turned the door handle yet found it locked. Thankfully, I knew where the key was kept.  Not that that was … More CAPTIVE ASHES


The stillborn moon, born of mother earth, sired by the sun, a blemished perfection, a gyrating mausoleum, its foundations, a lethargic magnetism. An old man winds back time, her image from long ago at his shoulder, reflects upon her charcoal lips, the echo of their days of carefree forbidden delights, all the time hearing the … More THE STILLBORN MOON