I beg of you never ever spread my ashes in an England at sea An Albion of dogmatists preaching clownish prejudice over clemency This sullied land that would smirk as it amputates my tied identity This island of narcissistic loaded bigots and pliable pauper kin   Let the soaring ramparts of Montreuil-sur-Mere be my resting … More STATELESS ASHES


                    The town square, a pernickety, delicate blend of Renaissance and Art Deco construction yet at its centre an ill at ease belfry atop a Romanesque steeple within which a bell chamber housed nought but hibernating bats, muddled moths and the occasional drifter with no fear … More UNDER A BLACK BERET


(Photograph by Jerry Uelsmann) The Event below the surface filthy in every which way rendezvous at ground level the hangover cure cafes not so hidden, hidden brothel retreats divinely cut-loose ever so purple showgirls all-inclusive sexual indulgence the wizardry of New Orleans jazz migrated potent blinding nectarous spirits voluptuous fly-by-nights a stained mattress for spare … More TANGIBLE ILLUSIONS


Long since she had set aside time for reflection. Reminders of days gone by. Important? Most likely. A habit, certainly. Regardless, instinct told her that lessons learned shaped new dawns. Contemplation invariably led her toward an unremitting trinity of memories. Of those times when she stood quizzical, gawping, mouth wide open at a single, curiously … More A NEW DAWN


Legend has it that he finally fell on his own sword that the baffling tyranny of paralyzed ruminations finally did for the man who once had the whole shebang   To have known then lost the Midas touch is an accursed thing for ravenous the urge to retrace tracks; to turn back time and repair … More A FOND FAREWELL


A not so ‘fine’ drizzle blankets both lenses and optimism dampens the spirit too mucks up a walk in the park   “A penny for your thoughts angel?” That she did not reply did not deter “Christ girl you’ve a face like a slapped arse…what’s up, maybe I can help?” “I hardly think so…leave me … More A WALK IN THE PARK