As of about now I shall be away from my blog spoiling my dear wife, Shirl. I estimate that by the end of June she will likely tire of such indulgence. In the meantime, I leave you with a dose of refined lunacy and wish one and all the very best of good fortune. CUCKOO … More CUCKOO ALICE


Cambridge had taught her the reflective ways of philosophy; likewise, covert operations had taught her to think on the hoof. It is thus that contradicting her previous well thought through ‘theory of his full-time protection’, she concludes she needs a space within which to think. Hence a little later, mid-mornings prospect of strong coffee only … More ENTICING ASYLUM


Oppressors who find themselves incapable of mastering hypnosis generally further their nefarious ambitions by way of implementing the contrived premise, ‘supremacy by way of inflicting terror upon the general populous’. Insofar as the highly-prized prisoner was concerned, he served that purpose well. In essence, he was an example and a warning to one and all. … More A PENNY WHISTLE ORCHESTRA


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Another song from my new album, ‘DREAM RESCUER’. This one is called ‘REXIE BELIEVES IN MAGIC’. Here’s the lyric in case you fancy singing along. I hope you enjoy; Rexie believes in magic Has done all along Shipwrecked and nowhere else to go Its time he learns to head back home…