Berlin, oh my Berlin
in those years between two wars
you were coarse, of course, you knew it
a reprobate behind closed doors

decadence’s dream unfettered
your nightclubs lewd and crude
Weimar culture babes ‘a dancing’
most times in the naughty naked nude

transvestites, candelabra’s
small dark venues, dimly lit
cabaret within a smoky haze
such a perfect fit

The Blue Angel, was Marlene
a sultry bohemian
adored by a grateful public
loved by all gay, gay gentlemen

for philosophers’ and libertarians’
you were the place to be
a city where one could order up
fresh flesh and chilled Chablis

away from the downstairs spotlights
hidden from preying eyes
Berlin you were on borrowed time
you’d forgotten Hitler’s spies

a cocktail of chaos and politics
would herald your downfall
The Nazi’s consummate evil
swapped the passion for the banal

more than that though Berlin
your demise was arts cause lost
when the lights went out over Europe
mankind paid the cost

the innocence of debauchery
trumps the guilty puritan
don’t tell me any fascist
can call themselves a ‘man’

a loss of all compassion
desires under lock and key
the souls of extinguished genius
scarred all of Germany

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Copyright © 2014-2021. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, and lending, prohibited although in a crisis I’ve no issue with any reader using the pages of said book as emergency’s loo roll.


    1. I take your point, Liz. A good point. It’s a terrible thing that Hitler and his kind saw nought wrong in murder, rape, extermination of Jews, gays, gypsies, and a whole lot more…indeed anything that wasn’t ‘master race’. In terms of his, and other leaders, governments, religious doctrines etc. disallow ‘choice’ of preference, be it sexual, and/or colour (by design), and/or belief, that hurt not a living soul, when in this awful world of ours important ‘things’ they should be dabbling in play second fiddle. Regards, The Old Fool

  1. The best of your poetry, that I’ve read…. and all your prose is a rose!
    There’s a lot of a taste of pre war Berlin in your words.
    Excellent TOF!!!!
    Ps. Love the music!

  2. It was a real creative decade in this time in my lovely hometown Berlin. How I love Berlin, more than I ever hate. I love Berlin. 💘

    1. I’ve never made it to Berlin yet I’d love to one day. My wife and I have discussed it many times. The only cities I have visited were Cologne and Kassel. That was a long time ago, yet they stay in my mind as places well worth visiting.

      1. Kassel? You visited the Documenta exhibition? The Hercules spring and the Edersee? So, you know the Kassler Hills? It is nice area in the middle of Germany with a lot of history. I was born around 50 Kilometers in the south of Kassel. A quiet area with good food. 😁 Cologne is also nice. Berlin is my favorite, not really beautiful, but always loveable. Hope, you are doing well in your country in these troubling times. 🤗

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