devil's kiss

It is often said of me that I am, ‘about as much use as a fart in a thunderstorm’. Most likely there is more than an element of truth in that. In particular, technology is my bette noir hence you find me on a wing and a prayer, hoping against hope that I’ve managed to ‘embed’ this truly beautiful song within this post.

Given that the song in question is that of Zoolon indicates, correctly, that this post is an act of unashamed promotion of ‘one of my own’.

Herewith the ‘Devil’s Kiss’, the title track from his new album, a duet twixt Zoolon and the artist, the lovely Fifi Rong.

If you wish to discover more then visit Zoolon at his WP blog. You’ll find him and his exquisite new album at Zoolon’s ‘Devil’s Kiss


36 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL SONG

  1. Indeed a truly beautiful song! Love it! I tried to listen to the song when George posted it but the moving train won’t let me. I’m home and now had gotten the chance to listen to it. Thanks for the reminder!
    Now, I really need to get ready for my “trip” (commute)!!!

      1. Let me save up to get the entire collection! I’ve been meaning to get them. And then I forget. Then I run out of money, vicious cycle, I tell you.

    1. Cheers, Ms Lee. ‘Tis a sweet song amid a worthy collection Lord Zoolon has put together here. Flatulence aside, I start this day bewildered. I note (with some concern) that a baker’s dozen of scantiliy clad young ladies of dubious intent have followed me on Twitter. Plainly I shall not ‘follow back’ yet how can it be they seek out a 115 year old fading male, on his last legs looking for enduring relationships? A strange world we live in, Ms Lee.

      1. Thankfully the vast bulk have either been removed or have left of own volition. Free-thinking I believe in; squalid masses I dislike. Another fine post you blogged this day, by the way.

  2. I must say, your son is fair cutting it with the music. I’m going to get his new album this week. I really love the sound of what I’ve heard this far.

    1. I shall pass that on Ms S. He’ll be pleased. When he nails it, he nails it, although just like me we both live in denial that we can ever get anything right! A curse.

      1. The feeling of defeat never dies. Brexit has killed my ability to write…my current excuse. Victory remains unknown. Aside from my tedium, how the devil are you Ms S?

  3. Well…this Brexit shit aside…. I survive. And yes I get where you are on this. So long as the victory is ours to keep writing? Well.. And we are not a;; shoved in camps for mixing milk shakes, well..? That is roughly where I am . Oh and editing like crazy just in case. x

    1. That you survive is positive. ‘Positivity’ is trait worthy of the determined, talented writer that you are. Keep the faith. You know far better than I do, that it will all come together, Farage or no Farage.

      1. The bits always get handed to me in tiny pieces and they are now there. You just sit for a bit thinking, I have now rewritten this fecking scene five fecking times and it is still not right. But sometimes all it needs is that one tiny piece. It always comes. The one that makes them all fall into place. I just need to stop tearing my hair. Oh dear, Brexit? What is this country coming to? I no longer recognise it courtesy of the government said to be running it. Our hopes up here, whatever shit the press spews, is that we can get out as a country. Plenty places for people elsewhere who then want to do the same and get out.

      2. In the early hours at last the words started to flow again. 2 months since I’d written a single word of worth. Pressure off, a holiday planned, laptop at the ready I might just be on a roll! Then the editing…that word itself triggers more than a hint of pressure. It sounds like you’re getting there though. A good thing. I cast my LibDem vote and will no wait to discover if the collective Remain vote trumps Farage & his facist lunatics. I live in hope. I still strongly support the Scots in wanting to be free of London’s insults. Scotland in the EU, with more money coming in from them than going ‘out’ I believe would be a truly succesful nation.

      3. Editing? Yeah. I’m like Indiana Jones with snakes there. The worst bit is you come across huge swathes are just fine and it gives you this false sense of ..oh.. not too much needing done… Then you spend weeks hitting your head off the desk and I am no good at turning blind eyes if a bit is not right. Yeah… re this shambles, what is scary is the rise of these fascist lunatics led by that muppet, who, if he got smacked one with a milkshake the other day, never got smacked hard enough. Yeah, yeah I know he has the right to speak but equally some folks’ ears have the right not to listen. And of course they are backed by the serious money and screaming rhetoric of the gutter press. Aye makes me laugh the way their papers sit on shelves up here …. in unsold piles. Historically Scotland has always had ties with Europe and most people see them themselves as outward looking that way.

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