From here, there and everywhere the unwanted come forth
on audacious pilgrimage heading for a better life than before
as an army of wide-eyed ants we so called civilised do not much care for
their primary destination a nowhere land bagatelle sand drift masquerading as a makeshift terminus

No more crooked trails now though as the virgin, parched collective are gun butt bullied along their way to the shores of the Roman Lake

At water’s edge they are crammed upon swollen ‘paid for up front’ rust buckets for less than safe passage to Lo Stivale and perhaps beyond to the ‘Citadel of Roofs and Jobs’ blithely unaware their plot in a saline graveyard was reserved when the scandalous price was paid to the vulgarian chandler of human flesh, even now licking his lips at the prospect of new shoppers at his emporium of guaranteed ‘curtains’


  1. Tragic. I can’t even imagine the horrors that lead to people risking literally everything in the quest for a chance at a better life. And no one wants these brave souls.

    1. Worse still I understand the odd ISIS recruit is risking all (not that they seem to care too much about that) to get into Europe via this dubious back door!

      1. Yes. Otherwise, they wouldn’t risk their lives coming here. Risks of staying out in the cold – no food, no water, most women taken advantaged of, men beaten up, children taken then sold. All for the idea of ‘grass is greener on the other side’. Sad stories.

      1. Reminds me of when Cubans were trying to get to Florida on what amounted to rafts. Many died, and those that made it were sent right back often by the boarder patrol.

      2. It’s a bloody sick world devoid of compassion…bring on the day when we’re all coffee coloured there are no borders and no religions

  2. You’re bloody right Mike, it is a shocking lack of compassion. Someone should shove these bloody political leaders in a leaky tub right out into the ocean. Boy would they see what it is like when no-one takes them in.

    1. True! A hellish difficult problem that mustn’t be ignored. The poor sods trying to get into the UK via Calais is one I see often when shopping over there…wretched souls hanging about the port and the tunnel desperate to get across yet loathed by the French and the English. There really has to be a better, more compassionate way around the problem.

      1. There must, Ok I am not living down there but I do feel people have always come to this island, right throughout history and they often move on too. Their recent situation is loathsome. You see them with their children and they just want a better life for them, they just need to escape from what’s going on in their own some cases a situation the fecking interfering West has created. Will get toff the soap box now.

      2. Were it not for the actions of Bush and Blair post 9/11 I do not think the situation in the Middle East (although it would even then not be perfect) would have been as significant in terms of migrants now…over half the Syrian population no longer live in Syria for example. As Bob Dylan said in satire on With God on Our Side, ‘With guns on their hands, And God on their side” Thankfully I am an atheist!

      3. Me too Mike. Bush and Blair really went where they should have stayed the hell away from. End of. All they’ve done is bequeathed this mess to present and future generations.

      4. The French had it right…studiously opposed both wars notwithstanding their chips were called Freedom Fries! Some freedom. So did the sadly late, great Charles Kennedy…one of your own…and the only decent politician of recent times. He was adamant those wars were very, very wrong!

    1. Not into England…tis the poor wretched souls trying to get into Italy and neighbouring countries via Libya using evil, money grabbing ‘couldn’t care less if they die on the way’ people traffickers who disturb me so!

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