“So young lady you ask what will happen when the world ends?” 

“Just thought you might know, you are very old, have the longest white beard, live in a cave, have a magic wand and keep a pet owl after all…and anyway Gawain suggested I visit, he says you are both sage and magician” 

“Gawain you say…fine fellow by all accounts. True, I do have a reputation in these parts…indeed many think me a wizard yet I’m not all that clever. But yes I can help, I do know what happens come the end. Listen up though for first you must understand some basics before you progress to the spark of magic” 

“I’m all ears”

Positive and negative

good and bad

birth and death

north and south

beginning and end

the constant theme

of all things

all in equal measure

all in a universe

of organic construction


in space and time


In order to know


one must first

have witnessed

the malicious

or vice versa

one thing

cannot be envisaged

without the other


We have evolved

a conscious mind

to ordain such things


All the stars

you see in the heavens

seek to spread out

yet will one day

weaken and wither

become what they once were

a nothing

crushed to the size

of a tiny pinhead

every species

that has evolved

will be no more

all history seemingly lost


In this present moment

the act of coition

ensures survival

and will do so until

our forlorn fatigue

determines otherwise



best endeavours

of the fittest

it is all over and done with

yet ends inevitably

follow beginnings

beginnings follow ends

everything sucked back

into the blackness

from whence it came

then there be renewal

one giant orgasm

the promiscuous coupling of

two intergalactic ‘things’

detritus be creations sperm

newly formed planets be the eggs

one seed gets lucky

billions of its comrades

now just lifeless fragments

become the dross of the void


The realm of infinity

cannot be understood

until we know

this ‘vice versa’


Our corpse of being

will turn into fertile

carbon dust

materialising as

brand new concoctions

wholly bacterial at first

yet living things nevertheless


“What magic?” 

“That which make us cognizant of all around us…nothing can exist until that spell is caste”   

“Oh I see, or at least I think I do…anyway you said all history will be seemingly lost forever! Doesn’t that make everything that has happened pointless?” 

“Not at all my dear, not at all…’everything that has happened’ as you put it will, no matter how important or insignificant, even you and your own memories, always and forever be there, locked in its own particle of time” 

“Particle of time? You must tell me more” 

“One day yet not right now. I sense Ambrose is pining for rodents”  

“Ambrose does look a very wise owl” 

“Believe me he is”



67 thoughts on “THEN THERE IS MAGIC

      1. Just noticed the words I typed to go with my last comment didn’t come out???? Meant to say the Kennedy (boy does the world need a Kennedy now) and the Camelot/Owl thread reminded me of this songwriter…sorry about that!

  1. Ah, I really should have guessed … Mikesteeden the Magician.
    I think the universe breathes …. in, out, in, out …. each breath it takes taking so many billions of years in our pathetic excuse for time. But what is it breathing ? O, and that singularity thing doesn’t help. Yes … magic is needed. Have a great week, Sir.

    1. Cheers. Have a great week yourself…just trust it stops raining here in Hellfire Corner a place where the wretched National Front caused all manner of trouble just yesterday

  2. ah, my dear friend, you have created here nothing less than a masterpiece – this is poetry as it was intended – a conceptual verse for the ages – and it is irrefutable evidence that you are of Merlin’s own bloodline

  3. I’m grateful to Paul L for reblogging your verse . . . Truly exceptional writing here, and that out of an extraordinary imagination . . . You just gained a follower, for what it’s worth . . . Blessings!

      1. Talking of ‘the wash’ I’m afraid my wife has an overflowing laundry basket to greet her upon returning from a chums house when she arrives back this very morn…oops!

      2. Brain hurts this day…almost had a gal falling in love with an Invisible Mute…took me hours yet upon re-reading aborted the mission. I really don’t know how you keep so exquisitely positive…plus The Arsenal haven’t signed anyone on transfer deadline day!

      1. Operation Stack sent a million lorries down the road I live on last night (instead of the M20). It was thus that sleep eluded me…the bonus? Sorted out the word jigsaw I was stuck with…all I need now is a half decent kip of positivity!

      2. Well quite the weirdest poem’ish sort of thing I’ve written…has Shirl’s seal of approval so may run with it later…all because you told me to keep the rigid digit off the delete button. I’ll find out if that was a good idea later!

  4. I should be able to say more than, “Wow” after reading this. I don’t know if you need anything added anyway. Amazing astral awareness in this – I got something out I guess. And maybe I can add that I read this several times over, which I don’t normally do with poems. Even Plath’s sometimes.
    Um … please write another like this someday? Ambrose included of course 🙂 But no pressure! (And if you have already done things similar would you mind linking them to me? I would seriously be appreciative) But no pressure!

      1. Yeah, I remember this poem. I almost tried to like it again! Where could I find your book? That would be awesome to buy! I try to find time to read more of your prose stuff, but I’m partial to poetry, I’m sure you’ve noticed that…Thanks for linking this, it’s another one of your masterpieces!

      2. My thanks for reading. My book on Amazon & Kindle is at;

        Odd thing is writing, sure you feel the same sometimes…at least I hope I’m not alone in this for this day I have penned a mass of words yet deleted the lot…a wasted day. Notwithstanding, my thanks again

      3. Deletion often happens, but I’m trying to do that less. What’s broken can be a lesson. Quick glimpses into a void can give way in how to fill those holes. But without what seems empty, maybe we don’t know what’s fulfilling?
        I guess I’m saying, any word or word-string can mean anything in any moment, and can made into anything in any moment. My garbage is put in gold trashcans, because it deserves something too, and that fine outlining makes it shiny enough to want to check into sometimes.
        I appreciate you showing me how to buy your book! And this random thought (advice?) thingy that happened 🙂

      1. More than welcome, Mike. I’ve read a lot of your thoughtful comments on Paul’s posts and should have popped in before now. Very pleased I did. Hope you have a great day.

  5. It is kind of brilliant, I sank into the poetry – like a saucer of milk – for my feet, I mean. But, however you did use the word ‘detritus’ which is wrong, as in ‘tendrils,’ or ‘marionette,’ – co-offenders to decency. Remember, I love the poem/piece but I don’t like detritus.

  6. I agree about Ambrose–perfect name for an owl.

    That said, after all that you’ve said on my “Markers,” I think you’re right–this is a sweet yet strong example of where you’re coming from, I think. All is not simply lost to time, nor does everything end so much as begin again. May I dare say that you and I both see death as but a chapter break in this eternal book? 🙂 I dig the brevity of the lines, too–the words themselves acquire more power that way, always on the cusp of a line break. Lovely work, my friend. Xxxx

    1. Legend has it that Merlin’s owl was indeed named Ambrose…a fine name, I must agree. And yes, if you consider no matter how long one lives for, be it an hour, or 100 years we are, and always will be alive in our own particle of time. In that way, notwithstanding the carbon dust of cosmic storms we shall all one day become, we exist forever within times particles. It is thus, albeit from different directions we have that common ground re death! Hope that makes sense. I really should be working on this book thing I’m trying to write yet keep knocking out bits and pieces instead…daft old brain does what it wants. Have a splendid day.

      1. LOL, yes, there’s only so much we can do to reign these noggins in. You do make sense, at least in this midafternoon after nearly two pots of coffee while the air is filled with Canadian television because apparently, Canadian television is the best kind to my yungins. 🙂 A splendid day to you as well!

      2. Just think, when we eventually can travel beyond the speed of light it will be possible (proven, Einstein) to travel back and meet up with those now dead…I find it the most exciting take on anything there is…we always life in the particle of time.

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