Two Cups Of Coffee

A luke warm day on England’s pastures green

Foreign bloke, missus and nipper out strolling

Babe in second-hand pram, a good one, mind

Bunch of lads, tracksuit bottoms and hoodies

Block the path of foreign bloke, missus and nipper

Mouthing, ‘You can fuck off home where you belong,

If you don’t we can fucking kick you out now, bastards’

Heads down, fearful, foreign bloke’s lot try to walk on

He doesn’t need a confrontation, really doesn’t need it

Thing is, bunch of lads can’t let the matter rest

More insults, then one spits on the baby in the pram

Gob all over the child’s face to cheers and flag waving

Cross of St George flag obviously, bit tatty though

Eventually the gang allow them ‘free movement’

The gang strut about a bit, a couple light up fags

They share a plastic fuselage of something or other


The following day, half decent weather, half decent café

The Listener and the Rumanian take coffee together

“Cezar, they did what? Surely not mate…you’re for real aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. One of them even called my wife that ‘c’ word I hate”

“Jesus man, you’re a big bloke, why didn’t you lay the bastard out?”

“Why do you think? Six of them, one of me and I don’t want any trouble”


“No point, it’ll only start a vendetta”

“How’s the babe then Cezar…he is OK isn’t he?”

“Funny thing was he slept through it all”


“Scared, what is it you lot say?… ‘scared shitless’ that’s it…still is. It’s got worse since the referendum”

“I can well believe that Cezar…just read in the papers about that Polish cultural centre in Hammersmith. They’ve plastered it with racist graffiti. Don’t know what the world’s coming to mate. Fancy another coffee…it’s on me”

“Wish I could, sadly I’ve got to get back to work at the hospital…well for as long as they let me continue to work there”

“You know I’m not one of those bastards…you do know that?”

“Of course I do…catch up with you later”



      1. Mike my friend, in your case time is flying… backwards, as the other week you were 112 yo…
        So what’s going on, Sir?

      2. Wow, I must have forgotten my evening tablets…
        Wanted to say 110, so time is flying forward, or you must be living on a planet closer to the Sun…
        (stay open to further adjustments 🙂 🙂 )

    1. Take your point Paul…yet for me (not that I wanted to ‘leave’) to put my cross in the same box on the ballot paper as would Farage, Britain First and racists of the UK was I thing I could ever imagine doing. Should be some very interesting politics in these parts over the next 3 months though…Scotland in particular.

  1. There is so much fear in the world Mike, it is beyond all reason. Brexit screams of it, as do the followers of Trump. I personally feel the Trump supporters are blindly lead toward their personal agenda and have not educated themselves on the big picture.

  2. Hey Mike, sad but true.
    We are Hungarians, myself half Hungarian/Romanian and on top of all, Jews…
    My teenage daughter was just a couple of hours ago harassed in a park by some idiots, because one of them knew she’s “from the EU”…
    I also happen to work in a very special hospital, keeping the UK healthier and safer…
    I’m afraid, but I hope we’ll survive this too…
    After all, some of my distant relatives survived the Holocaust…

    1. I bow to you in shame for a land that I once belonged to. Please, please give my kindest wishes to your daughter. May I quote you in the near future, although I understand 100% if you would prefer that not to be the case. What you have said breaks the heart of this old fool; thank you for saying it though.

      1. Please my Friend, you bring tears to my eyes…
        Don’t you dare take upon a shame not your own…
        And please do use my words as you wish, I wrote them in the openness of my confused and sad heart.
        Yours truly 🙂

      2. Cheers Sir. I have been vilified on social media and at a personal level in the real world for my views, the phrase ‘a threat to democracy’ has been thrown at me yet my only sin is that of caring. Whilst my skit today was a fiction I proudly count, Croatians, Slovakians, Portuguese, and yes, a number of Rumanians as my friends…racism in whatever form is plain evil and I’ll never countenance otherwise.

    1. Try living in England right now Ms (confusing, yet excellent for that very reason) 833. Racist attacks up 57% since Brexit…’tis all going horribly wrong.

  3. was devastated and full of despair at the brexit result – foolish, foolish folk !

    can’t believe what they have done!

    and while majority of those voting to quit EU may not be racists, there is no doubt the racists who did do so see the result as legitimising their views and have been emboldened by it

    I let me neighbour (who is a muslim) park his car on my drive. Day after the brexit result some tosspot scattered nails on the side of my drive where Ali parks his car

    then day before yesterday some tosspot chucked a petrol bomb in a halal butcher shop round the corner from the street where my girlfriend lives

    ugly, ugly times we are living in when scum like these think the brexit result means their views have been endorsed by the majority of the UK (thank goodness for Scotland and N.Ireland)

    meanwhile, the PLP, instead of taking advantage of the tory party disarray and fighting to limit the worse consequences of the brexit vote, is spending its time and energy in self-indulgent political in-fighting

    seriously thinking of escaping this whole sorry mess and moving to Eire !

    1. Moving! We are already seeking out a land in Europe where this now ‘stateless’ couple can gain citizenship asap. I don’t want to live here any longer in a place I do not recognize; in a land where I cannot respond to words like ‘we’ and ‘us’. So I am with you 100% Duncan. How could any person with an ounce of compassion put their X in the ballot box for ‘Leave’ knowing that Farage, Britain First and racists everywhere would be putting their X’s in the self same box is beyond me. For me, I wake each morn angry…an anger the persists throughout the day. I find this worse than parental death…at least they were old, they had had a good run for their money. ‘We gotta get out of this place’ as the old song goes. This land where closet racists, racists in denial and thoroughbred racist hold sway. Best of good fortune be upon you Duncan.

  4. Brexit supporters over there…Donald Drumpf supporters over here. When and how did this madness take hold?
    Xenophobia, racism, nationalism, fear-mongering politics…it’s sickening.

    I find it fascinating that Boris Johnson doesn’t want to steer the ship after Cameron is out, but not surprising. People in the destruction business do just that: destroy and walk away from the smoldering mess.

    1. I think it has transpired that his ‘best’ buddy, one Michael Gove (the one who would be his right hand man and confidante, a nasty piece of work) stabbed bumbling, yet oh so dangerous Boris in the back. The pathetic little island I no longer recognise may well have heralded the break up of a Western Europe that has not been at war for 70 years now (a record by a country mile) and then there is ‘Donald’…yes, the ‘perfect storm’ is brewing, that’s for sure.

  5. It is one of the faces of democracy, Mike. Have to live with that, there is nothing we can do. I am worrying sick myself, because if the EU collapses, Putin will probably take over the Baltics and then who knows what is going to happen next. In 2017 they celebrate the big anniversary, and when they celebrate something, the others cry.

    1. Respect…yet were I to buy a ‘thing’ in a shop where the salesman told me lies re the product, then upon testing said product found it to be u/s then either civil litigation or criminal proceedings when be invoked. ‘Leave’ insisted fortunes would be spent on the NHS (they now admit that was a lie); they said that Turkey was about to join the EU (another admitted lie). So many people who now publicly admit if they knew the truth the wouldn’t have voted thus; so many racist attacks upon innocent souls in the past week later it breaks my heart. It is thus they have abused democracy and must be held to account. Vive la revolution! The again I am a lunatic and feel spontaneous combustion about my bodily parts. Your a diamond, please don’t take this rant to heart.

      1. Mike, I have lived behind the Iron Curtain, and know stuff from the first hands. Social democrats executed my ancestors in the early 1920. Revolution is evil in its core, democracy is a beautiful lie. No one is free. Russia is a perfect example how democracy evolves into totalitarianism.

      2. I shall beg your forgiveness as preamble to this note of my thoughts on the subject matter. You are a good soul (I enjoy our threads of comments enormously) who in essence I agree with almost totally.
        It is difficult to defend violence in revolution, indeed almost impossible, yet one must consider each revolution on its own merits. Where, for example would we be had the Berlin Wall not collapsed under pressure from good souls far and wide within and without Germany? As a person now consigned to a state of statelessness (i.e. my nationality as a European has been taken away from me) my right to peaceful/democratic pressure (however insignificant just ‘me’ might be) is all I have left. Those mongrel (aren’t we all) racists in actuality, closet or in denial, immigrant (most don’t know what a ‘refugee’ is) haters who now wish to restore the thing they see as ‘this once great nation’ – the nation that turned cottage industry slavery in a global industry; the nation that that thieved gold and diamonds, tea even, in return for subjugation of new lands and new found religion; the nation that stood back and watched a potato famine take its toll with a smirk on its face – are, for all intents and purposes in ‘control’ of a nation broken, dying on its feet (just wait until the terms of exit are announced following the invocation of Article 50 following which the economy will fall apart).
        I also have history in my family line regarding first-hand accounts – one particularly distressing – yet will I succumb to the bullying of the right and far right majority and their intellectually challenged throng of idiots? Never.
        To me, since waking up on the Friday morn last week, it is worse say, than a parental death (truly). Freedom of choice has been denied me and those like me.
        Presently we (my wife and I) actively explore nations where we might relocate. Just hope we find a land that will have us.
        Thus far my neighbour, a Muslim cab driver, has had his tyres slashed. A friend in the Midlands windows have been daubed with filthy racist comments. In ‘Lidl’s’ just yesterday a smug woman asked of the young Polish (?) girl at the till if she had ‘booked her ticket home’. And those are just the mini examples I can speak of. I despair.
        You don’t need this do you? My apologies

      3. But Mike, the same thing is happening here in Ireland. I am not a ‘far right’individual, neither am I a far left one. These are invented to manipulate us all in favor to those who hold the big money and power. We are made think that we are free to make our choices, but it is a lie. What we can do is to focus more or less on the right things that are in the middle, where the common sense resides. Then we will be less prone to manipulations, and won’t hate each other.

      4. I think you have just defined my long held view that women should take charge of this planet of ours…I do talk some drivel sometimes…the curse of caring too much for the underdog perhaps?…living in a fog doesn’t help. Regardless, I value your words of common sense and thank you for penning them. Have the most splendid day.

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