I have a story to tell,

About the land I live in,

It has castles and magic,

And I am its King.


Cathedrals for my bishops,

They preach a good game,

Knights fighting dragons,

In some damsel’s name.


White armour for my troops,

My enemies wear black,

The strategy of battle

The covert attack.


And when war is over

At the break of a new dawn,

Foot soldiers remember.

Each wasted pawn.


But in this great land.

For all its chivalry,

In this palace of great riches,

A space so empty,


No Queen at my right hand,

JFK, no Jacqui,

Arthur without Gwen,

Camelot sadly,


Is missing its last piece,

The very key to the game,

I look to the heavens,

See the sky is aflame.


The rout of my armies,

Seals my own fate,

For with no Queen beside me,

I am in checkmate.



7 thoughts on “EACH WASTED PAWN

    1. I am bound to say that Ms Thatcher displayed very few female traits. I had always held the view that the world would be a better place if run by woman – then along came Maggie and proved me wrong.

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